LS-40 by EWA: Reference Loudspeaker Cable

Colin's latest audio creation is soon to be here: EWA LS-40. It is designed to offer all the benefits that LS-50 afforded, but without the size and bulk. With this level of performance LS-40 will really be a design statement from Mr Wonfor, exceeding anything he has designed yet!

We expect Colin to be able to measure and assess the pre-production samples soon, we will publish the results on the ABCaudio website.

Building on the outstanding EM rejection of LS-50, this cable will pretty much squash non-linear phase shifting to vanishingly low levels. Overall timbre will be incredibly lifelike, textural details in sharp relief and dynamic swings powerful and momentous.

IC-25 interconnects continue to be very popular, we will shortly commission a larger manufacturing run as the revised design has proved such a success. We are hoping for some customer feedback in the coming months, perhaps even an industry review.

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