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Colin Wonfor designed the EWA cable system from scratch, rather than simply purchase off the reel wire from wholesalers to be re-packaged and marketed. His design goals include (but are not limited to) eliminating common mode - electrical - noise on the cable, and suppressing non-linear phase distortion on the signal. To achieve this he utilises raw wires not usually found in audio cable, and many of the dielectric and insulation materials are of his own design and composition. The details of the geometry in the EWA cable system is of his own calculation and is quite unique.

All EWA cables can be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund (minus shipping etc), so feel free to trial the cables risk-free in your own system.


LS-5 demonstrates what the EWA cable system is about. Boasting a compact form factor, this highly capable speaker cable rewards the listener with full compliance with the EWA design goals. LS-5 is capable of truly extraordinary performance at its price point.  


While LS-5 is compact, it is a highly capable speaker cable. Notice especially the excellent stereo imaging abilities within the widest of soundstages, which is stable at all frequencies and volumes. This is in part due to exemplary behaviour of LS-5 in relation to signal phase.


LS-5 is a particularly sound choice for bookshelf type monitor loudspeakers, from which the listener can expect fine textural detail and vivid timbres. LS-5 is capable of excellent performance at its price point, at the expense of absolute earth shaking bass. It has also proved an excellent choice for vintage loudspeakers.

LS-25 in its raw form is one of Colin Wonfor’s most impressive cable designs to date, built on lessons learned over years designing award winning audio cables. Colin (and we at ABCaudio) believe EWA LS-25 to be amongst the finest loudspeaker cables available today, at any price.


Many listeners will find EWA LS-25 to be their final destination loudspeaker cable due to both its finesse, and enormous capability. LS-25 blends and marries the presentation of your amplifier and loudspeakers without allowing the introduction of external interference, suppressing common mode noise and ringing, without adding non-linear phase distortion. LS-25 strives to be the closest thing to a direct connection between your loudspeakers and amplifier, allowing them to function as one.


LS-25 is intended for use in well balanced audio systems, and should not be utilised in an attempt to 'tune' the sound of a stereo system. A neutral cable, utterly transparent, it is therefore unsuited to masking certain sonic attributes, or seeking to emphasise others. You should be happy with the overall balance of your system before using LS-25, as it is a reference quality product and will project much more of what you already have into your listening space.


Thanks to the design of LS-25, be prepared to notice a lower noise floor, much wider and deeper sound-staging, and a timbral vivacity to take the breath away. Note the lightning fast bass with a real leading edge, rendered with accuracy and scale. The mid-range is similarly huge, lush and detail laden, and the treble extended and powerful. This seamless range presents itself in the largest stereo image, where every sound hangs in its correct shape at its own point in space. This soundstage remains solid and deep at all volume levels, while the extraordinary dynamic reach and potential of LS-25 are capable of startling the listener.


LS-25 can seem a bit much at first, which is partly why we allow a 30 day period to get used to it (this return period applies to all EWA product). It will accentuate all the existing properties of your system, whether good or bad. Some systems will shine with LS-25, but it won’t suit those which are not already exemplary, by drawing attention to these unrefined areas.


LS-40 is a ludicrously high performance re-imagining of the LS-25 concept. Conceived to perform at least as well as LS-50 (which was twinned runs of LS-25), but in a similar manageable form factor to LS-25.


The unique and desirable properties of LS-25 (which reduces noise on the signal) are compounded by Colin's design choices for LS-40 that go further into new territory than ever before, the results being an impressive lowering of the noise floor and the bringing of both micro and macro dynamics to the fore. 

The common mode rejection exhibited by all EWA cables occurs at a new level in LS-40, which not only rejects electrical and RF noise but actively suppresses any already present. This, and the almost utter lack of non-linear phase distortion across all frequencies makes LS-40 the closest thing available today to a direct connection between your amplification and your loudspeaker terminals.

LS-40 handles a good deal more current than LS-25, meaning bass response and speed is a clear step up - which is impressive in itself! Yet it is the utter clarity and distinction of timbral and textural detail across all frequencies that will capture and command your attention. The level of information in the critical mid-range will astound, while the higher frequencies are sweet, clear and extended without grain or hard edge. All this, presented in a bold, resolved sound-stage that enables the complete suspension of disbelief for the listener.

LS-40 is very like LS-25 in character, so the same warnings apply: It is a very neutral cable, do not attempt to correct for deficiency elsewhere or to 'tune' the sound of your audio system. It is utterly transparent and therefore unsuited to masking certain sonic attributes, or seeking to emphasise others. You must be happy with the overall balance of your system before using LS-40 as it is a reference product that will project much more of what you already have into your listening space.


It can be very hard to guess how a cable will perform in your audio system. It's all about interface, and every situation, room and listener is different. That is why ABCaudio allow thirty days to assess each cable purchase at home. If it doesn't work for you, just return it to us in original condition for a refund. All you will pay are postage costs.

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