United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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EWA LS-5 Loudspeaker Cable


LS-25 Loudspeaker cables


Colin Wonfor designed the EWA cable system from scratch, rather than simply purchase off the reel wire from wholesalers to be re-packaged and marketed. His design goals include (but are not limited to) eliminating common mode - electrical - noise on the cable, and suppressing all phase distortion. To achieve this he utilised raw wires not usually found in audio cable, and many of the dielectric and insulation materials are of his own design and composition. The details of the geometry in the EWA cable system is also quite unique.

LS-5 demonstrates what the EWA cable system is about. Using a comparatively minimal amount of materials, it is a compact and highly capable speaker cable which rewards the listener with full compliance with the EWA design goals. Notice especially the excellent stereo imaging abilities within the widest of soundstages, stable at all frequencies and volumes. LS-5 is a particularly sound choice for bookshelf type monitor loudspeakers, from which the listener can expect fine textural detail and vivid timbres. LS-5 is capable of truly extraordinary performance at its price point.

LS-25 is Colin Wonfor’s ultimate raw cable design to date, using the same materials as LS-5 in greater amount and in a different geometry. LS-25 is a true high performance, high current loudspeaker cable that deserves a place at the heart of the most serious music reproduction system. We believe Colin's EWA LS-25 based cables demonstrably outperform any other loudspeaker cables available today; featuring huge current capability for extraordinary dynamic ability and slam, and unique material properties which reject common mode noise or distortion of phase. These EWA LS-25 will allow your amplifier and loudspeakers to truly 'meet' for the first time, showing you how they interact and what your system is truly capable of.

LS-50 is a ludicrous overkill version of LS-25. It is twinned LS-25, bonded within a sleeve. The geometry and unique composition of the materials used in LS-25 mean that LS-50 effectively reduces noise on the signal still further, thus lowering noise floor and bringing micro dynamics to the fore. LS-50 is heavy, and a little stiff, but is capable of truly massive current delivery - this means bass, and lots of it (you thought LS-25 was good)! The rise time of this cable is fantastically quick due to tremendous bandwidth, and it preserves signal phase integrity without phase distortion. Experience overwhelming dynamics, the deepest three dimensional imaging, and extraordinary musicality and detail.

It is ruthlessly revealing of both music and equipment. LS-50 performs in a very similar way to LS-25 but it's qualities are actually compounded, due to the twinning and geometry of the cable; it sounds noticeably 'bigger' in terms of presentation, and digs even deeper in the bass.

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