United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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EWA IC-25 Interconnect

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IC-25 shares it’s remarkably extended abilities with LS-25, another '25’ series cable from EWA. As a signal cable it deals with extremely low level electrical signals, which require more than just the finest conductor materials arranged in perfect geometry; it requires also the hallmark of the EWA cable system: rejection of common mode noise, absolutely no ringing at any frequency, and perfect phase conservation.

 IC-25 has this covered thanks to unique design and construction, and materials not found at all in other audio products. IC-25 allows your music to be presented within an expansive and stable soundstage in which filigree textural details and points of interest will present themselves in utter clarity, and timbre which is realistic and complex. These details reveal themselves thanks to an almost total absence of RFI or electrical noise in the signal, thanks in part to unique inductive EMC shielding. Although IC-25 won’t impose a character on your replay chain, it will allow additional insight to the relationship between source components and amplifiers.

 Our favoured phono plugs are manufactured by CHK. They of very high quality, are silver plated and feature a locking barrel. For balanced XLR we prefer Neutrik with silver plated pins. Naim din plugs are usually by Switchcraft, or Preh.