Image by freestocks

LS-80 loudspeaker cable

EWA LS-80 is a very surprising step forward over LS-40 - surprising because LS-40 is already a reference quality cable.

LS-80 is basically twinned LS-40 inside a braided sleeve. There is a little more to it than that, but not very much. Is it the same as bi-wiring LS-40?  -  No: The fact that two runs are bound closely together compounds what LS-40 already does so well. EWA LS-80 is better described as a bi-conducting cable. Sure, simply put there are more conductor cores in each side. But the common mode choke effect and mutual magnetic coupling that feature in the basic design are much stronger due to proximity, and our unique termination system ensures we maximize this advantage.

With LS-80 music sounds bigger. Larger, more expansive. The scale is truly impressive, the dynamic potential is perhaps a little intimidating. You will get that sense - a truly grand sense of scale and presence at much lower volumes, while at higher volumes you won't even be aware of the volume level as the music washes over you. Everything in it's place, each detail real enough to touch. Let the brakes off your music.

The effect of upgrading to EWA LS-80 is subjectively rather like upgrading your amplifier to one of much higher power and quality. It's not about the volume, it's about the control, the scale, the dynamic event, the stereo image; doing all this while being in complete control, without harming the timbre or texture. Music sounds bigger, closer, all around the listener in fact. This is what perfect phase sounds like.

Why should perfect phase matter? Audio devices and loudspeakers change the perceived phase all the time: The issue here is non-linear phase shift, when the phase angle changes as the frequency and/or amplitude changes. This is what is egregious to the ear; phase changes that are relatively static don't cause too much harm - just as well when they may be built into an audio system - it is the non linear shifting during the music that is bad. Most cables do this - EWA does not.