United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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EWA products are of unique design and manufactured in the UK. Nothing but the plugs and solder are off the shelf - fulfilling Colin Wonfor's vision to redefine what audio cabling is capable of.

NEW! MCS-5 Mains Power & LS-50 Loudspeaker Cable

Read technical specs on each product page, but the proof is in the listening. Purchase your EWA cables here, and try them risk free in your system for thirty days. If they are nor for you, simply return them to us.

Elsdon & Wonfor Audio

New for 2019: lower prices

Every EWA amplifier is built in-house here in the UK. By manufacturing ourselves, and selling direct to you, the listener, we can generate huge savings over other manufacturers. It is our pleasure to pass these savings to you.

Coming Soon!   Oberon: Integrated class A, M-100 & M-100 Turbo SECA Power Amplifiers


We honestly believe these amplifiers by Colin Wonfor will out-perform anything else and at least four times the price, and even more!