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EWA orchestra_ perfectly in phase

perfectly in phase

perfect focus

EWA LS-80 speaker cable. Colin Wonfor.


inspiring audio

vanishingly low phase shift

common noise rejection

audio ultra-realism

designed by Colin J. Wonfor. 

EWA Cable System:


The EWA cable system is designed and built from scratch to comprehensively and convincingly suppress phase errors and unwanted common mode noise in audio signals.

Designed by Colin J Wonfor, EWA cables occupy a truly unique place in audio. With superlative expertise and knowledge of data transmission and power supply (and finally with the freedom to really pursue his goals), Colin J. Wonfor has created EWA cables as the most surpassing expression of his design goals to date: featuring common noise suppression and mutual magnetic coupling, effective EM and RF shielding, and exemplary resistance to phase shift.


The conductors utilized in EWA cables are litz based and prepared to our own specification by a selected partner, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of specialist wires. The insulation materials are a bespoke formulation prepared only for EWA, and the cable geometry and construction is carefully considered to extract the most from the unique materials that have been painstakingly developed over decades.

EWA cables will enhance your audio experience, bringing the true performance of your audio system to the fore; with EWA cables you can experience everything.

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