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Image by Shawn Sim

LS-40 loudspeaker cable

EWA LS-40 builds on the success of LS-25 using a 'more of the same' approach. It features the same wonderful conductors at it's heart, but 50% more. The field strength of the mutual magnetic coupling that was unique to LS-25 is now significantly increased for LS-40, meaning the common mode choke is even more effective. It's all been accomplished in the same form factor as LS-25, which is 25mm across.

The results are a rare and wonderful thing. A cable with special qualities and powerful bass and scale, an effortless dynamic potential. The timbre and textural detail are so clearly defined and presented as to sound startlingly real. The stereo imaging is rock-stable and three dimensional, and the speed of the bass is something you may not have experienced before, nor such definition. All this detail, this speed, this life, and yet nothing is etched or hard - it is a truly natural and effortlessly realistic presentation. The timbre is clear and rich, presented in this natural and unforced manner which causes delight and real appreciation for what one is hearing; A purely natural sounding presentation that brings the best of music to your listening room. It brings more of everything.

What are we describing here? It is partly EWA LS-40 suppressing noise on the signal, and partly the really remarkably phase coherent performance. Does this really matter?

All audio components change (or distort) the phase angle on the signal to some degree, yet relatively static phase angle changes are all but inaudible to most. But when we hear non-linear distortion - phase angles that change as the frequency and/or amplitude changes (in other words - music), that is what affects the illusion, the realism we strive for. It can manifest in a stereo image being inconsistent, or in timbre and textural detail being lost or patchy. Leading edges and impact is lost. EWA LS-25 was the first cable to start effectively addressing this issue, and LS-40 does so even more effectively as an advancement of that concept. Take a look at the next slide/page for a little more information on LS-40's quite amazing performance. The pages after that are subjective testimonials.

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