Image by Jack Hamilton

EWA LS-25 loudspeaker cable

EWA LS-25 was a very special development in loudspeaker cable design. Not because standard copper isn't good enough to make a decent connection, and not just because of the tall claims made by other manufacturers. It was the first time Colin J Wonfor really got his designs where they were supposed to be, via a tortuous route of customized conductors, rare and unusual materials, and a most unique idea: Speaker cables that feature bespoke such design and materials to realize something real and fulfill a design brief.

The conductors, working in tandem with the unique insulation and internal construction of this cable, give a genuine insight into the EWA cable system concept: cables that suppress common mode noise and perform in an exemplary manner with regards to non-linear phase distortion.

All audio components distort phase to some degree. But it is non-linear distortion - phase angles that change as the frequency and/or amplitude changes that EWA address as it is noticeable. Static phase changes are all but inaudible to most. EWA LS-25 was the first cable to effectively address this issue, and it caused excitement when the results were first heard.

What made EWA LS-25 unique? It was a cable featuring mutual magnetic coupling, inbuilt common mode choke suppressing noise, a design based upon extraordinary conductors that originate in high voltage, high frequency applications and a unique geometry to make these design aspects work together in lock-stepped harmony and to maximum effect.

LS-40 and LS-80 are both based upon this amazing concept, featuring even more outstanding conductors and much stronger mutual magnetic coupling. LS-25 misses out to it's bigger brothers only in terms of absolute bass depth and quantity, making it a superb, no compromise choice for monitor, stand-mounted and single driver loudspeakers.