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Image by Jack Hamilton

LS-25 loudspeaker cable

When Colin J. Wonfor released the first version LS-25 (or LS-XXV as it was), it was the breakthrough that he had wanted to achieve at his previous audio cable company. With a new freedom to really explore his vision of cables that exhibit exemplary phase behaviour, and unrestricted by management and budgetary constraints, he came up with EWA LS-25.

Compared with his previous designs Colin had managed to both lower audio system noise floor by utilising common mode inductance, and also markedly improved the phase behaviour of his cables. At the time, LS-25 was probably the finest speaker cable available, and it still stands up very well today. In time, he further refined the materials (making the cable notably more flexible as well as several technical Improvements) and adjusted the conductors he used. LS-25 now contains more conductors than before, all at a smaller diameter.

EWA LS-25 is a wonderful speaker cable, making a realistic musical portrayal something we can all enjoy. Bass is well controlled and very ‘fast’, full of detail and excitement. Midrange is tonally rich and large in its portrayal and expansive in its soundstage. Treble is extended, sweet without a hint of grain or stridency, yet detailed and full of texture.

Having been the first expression of an enduring vision, and being refined over the years, LS-25 is a special design for EWA. It is a ‘gateway’ cable, it demonstrates the EWA approach to audio. LS-40 and LS-80 gives simply more of the same, starting with stronger bass potential and larger scale presentation. However, LS-25 is a reference quality component in its own right, one which you have a right to hear for yourself.

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