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Image by Lorenzo Spoleti

EWA Starting Point - A new beginning. A fresh look at entry point audio cables:

Extraordinary designs require extraordinary materials, bespoke tooling, and multi-stage manufacturing processes; and therefore extravagant pricing to produce. So what can be done with clever design and less in the way of rare materials and a more conventional approach to manufacturing? Presenting EWA Starting Point: 

EWA Starting Point loudspeaker cable is remarkable for it's apparent dynamic potential; every impact and detail is convincingly portrayed, whether the music is surging and cresting or receding, and it reveals the true musical potential of the upstream amplifier. Musical placement and soundstaging is exemplary, with complex arrangements portrayed not only as a powerful whole, but with each individual performer as if in his or her place; the listener is able to follow each part without the presentation becoming congested or thick. 

EWA starting point interconnects are remarkably good at resolving complex musical passages with busy, layered tonality, with a very pleasing and accurate timbre. They are equally lovely conveying less complex pieces, where the textural detail and acoustic spaces between the performers become a primary focus. In all cases, starting point places the emphasis squarely upon the music, the performer, laying bare their feelings and intentions.

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