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EWA MC-5 Mains cable is a high performance, high current cable. Designed to suppress both RFI and other common mode electrical noise. Featuring specialist dielectrics and insulators uniquely made for EWA to address their specific design goals. Ideal for current hungry amplifiers!

Available with plugs for your region: as standard we use silver plated 13A MK Toughplugs/Schuko, and Martin Kaiser silver plated IEC plugs. Also available are high end gold plated MS-HD plugs for UK, US and Euro plugs. 

EWA MCS-5 is the ultimate development of MC-5. Designed by Colin Wonfor to build on the capabilities of the EWA MC-5 mains cable concept:

Featuring premium gold plated plugs from MS-HD as standard, a woven EM shield, black outer braiding and bespoke termination methods for this cable only. At it's core, MCS-5 is high speed, high current cable with unique properties and measures accordingly. The addition of the shielding robustly rejects EM & RFI, enabling the noise cancelling properties of MC-5 to come to the fore. As well as amplifiers of all kinds, MCS-5 is particularly suitable for pre-amplifiers and source components such as CD players, DACs etc.

MCS-5 a no compromise cable and is therefore an effective mains filter for all AC powered devices. We believe no other cable available today functions quite like MCS-5, and that this mains cable is the highest performance audio power cable available anywhere.

It can be very hard to guess how a cable will perform in your audio system. It's all about interface, and every situation, room and listener is different. That is why ABCaudio allow thirty days to assess each cable purchase at home. If it doesn't work for you, just return it to us in original condition for a refund. All you will pay are postage costs.

Contact us:  United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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