Colin Wonfor designed the EWA cable system from scratch, rather than simply purchase off the reel wire to be re-packaged and marketed. His design goals included eliminating common mode - electrical - noise on the cable, and suppressing non-linear phase distortion across the signal. To achieve this he utilizes materials not usually found in audio cable, some are completely his own design and composition (you can read about some of it here - link). The details of the geometry in the EWA cable system is of his own calculation and is quite unique.​ You'll find nothing else like it in audio.

LS-25: Colin Wonfor’s best known cable design, incorporating twenty eight ultra pure conductors per channel arranged in optimal geometry. LS-25 is truly a high performance cable that deserves it's place in any serious music reproduction system. We believe EWA LS-25 cables demonstrably outperform almost any other loudspeaker cables available today. LS-25 is used as a base for LS-50, where it's attributes are compounded to make something really impressive. Single wire only. Phase change input - output @100khz <1.54 degrees (1M).

LS-40 reference is Colin's ultimate raw cable design to date. A very similar form factor to LS-25 but with significantly enhanced common mode rejection thanks to more intensive inductive shielding, for the ultimate in detail retrieval, lowered noise floor and dynamic potential. Increased conductor cross section and surface area (forty two per channel) combine excellent current handling ability with industry leading levels of minimized phase distortion. LS-40 is the foundation of EWA LS-80 and is a genuine reference grade design. Single wire only. Phase change input - output @100khz 0.7 degrees (3M).

LS-50 was our first flagship cable and is a stunning component. It is twinned runs of LS-25 inside a braid and it exhibits truly amazing sound quality and dynamic potential. Based on two runs of LS-25, the inductive shielding actually couples with each other and becomes more effective due to proximity with the other cable. EWA LS-50 is able to provide more extended bass, and handle power and current than LS-40. This cable realistically competes (ie measurably beats) cables costing over 400% more. Single or Bi-Wire available. Phase change input - output @100khz <1.24 degrees (1M).

LS-80 reference will be based on twinned LS-40 inside a braided sleeve, very similar in form to LS-50. It takes one of the most advanced speaker cables ever designed; LS-40 with its large conductor cross section and intensive inductive shielding, and compounds the already excellent design. This is a state of the art reference product of instrument grade performance and will faithfully show everything your system is capable of. With almost zero phase distortion, a goal that other audio products miss by miles (or degrees, at least), and amazing inductive shielding, experience Colin J Wonfor's ultimate cable design for maximum fidelity. Single or Bi-Wire available. Phase change input - output @100khz <0.4 degrees (3M).

EWA Jump-Link Cables are based on LS-40. If purchased with LS-25 or LS-40 they come with a 33% discount. Designed to replace pressed brass links at the loudspeaker termination with a truly transparent link that is utterly without phase distortion.

Terminations: Standard terminations are based on the core principles of pure materials and low mass. We favor low mass beryllium copper with high quality gold plating.

Furutech terminations are also available. We make no claim that these sound better, but they are beautifully engineered, and available for those who insist on the best. We offer Furutech FP-200/203 G or FT 211/212-G.

It can be hard to guess how a cable will perform in your audio system. It's all about interface, and every situation, room and listener may be different. That is why ABCaudio allow thirty days to assess each cable purchase at home. If it doesn't work for you, just return it to us in original condition for a refund. All you will pay are postage costs.

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CV-19: ABCaudio & EWA continue to fulfil orders throughout CV-19 restrictions. We are taking our time to work hygienically and safely.

All products are carefully cleaned with medical alcohol before packing and shipment. 

Home of the EWA cable system and SECA technology for amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.  Contact us:  All text and images copyright 2021. ABCaudio, United Kingdom.