Contact us:  United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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Colin Wonfor designed the EWA cable system from scratch, rather than simply purchase off the reel wire from wholesalers to be re-packaged and marketed. His design goals include (but are not limited to) eliminating common mode - electrical - noise on the cable, and suppressing phase distortion on the signal. To achieve this he utilises raw wires not usually found in audio cable, and many of the dielectric and insulation materials are of his own design and composition. The details of the geometry in the EWA cable system is of his own calculation and is quite unique.​

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LS-5 demonstrates what the EWA cable system is about. A comparatively minimal form factor, this highly capable speaker cable rewards the listener with full compliance with the EWA design goals. LS-5 is capable of truly extraordinary performance at its price point.

LS-25 is Colin Wonfor’s ultimate raw cable design to date, utilising the same materials as LS-5 in greater amounts and in a different geometry. LS-25 is truly a high performance, high current loudspeaker cable that deserves it's place in the most serious music reproduction system. We believe EWA LS-25 based cables demonstrably outperform any other loudspeaker cables available today.

LS-50 is a ludicrous overkill version of LS-25. It is twinned LS-25, contained within a braided sleeve. The unique and desirable properties of LS-25 (which reduces noise on the signal) are compounded by twin lengths running together in a sleeve, further lowering noise floor and bringing micro dynamics to the fore. LS-50 is heavy, and a little stiff, but is capable of truly massive current delivery and superlative performance.

It can be very hard to guess how a cable will perform in your audio system. It's all about interface, and every situation, room and listener is different. That is why ABCaudio allow thirty days to assess each cable purchase at home. If it doesn't work for you, just return it to us in original condition for a refund. All you will pay are postage costs.