SECA amplifier PCB pair (DIY projects)
  • SECA amplifier PCB pair (DIY projects)


    Build your own classic pure SECA (Single Ended Class A) amplifier. 


    These PCB can be crafted into wonderful pure class A monoblock amplifiers (they are bought in pairs) - 216mm / 140mm.


    Power output is nominal 20W per channel, but with larger heastsinks can generate 40W per channel (at 40W it will produce 65W into 4 Ohm). They can also be daisy-chained into more powerful amplifiers.


    Designed with through holes for leaded components, this is not a too difficult build provided you know which end of a soldering iron to hold. A full BOM (Bill of Materials) is freely available from EWA and linked below. You will need to purchase everything on the list to build these amplifiers, including transformers, chassis, components, terminations and wires. You are purchasing only the PCBs and BOM.


    Link to BOM:


    Link to BOM (PDF):


    Limited stock - but more can be ordered on request.




    Would you prefer to purchase the boards fully populated? Contact us.


    Would you prefer to purchase a fully complete SECA amplifier? Contact us.