United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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  • Q-20-P. Pre-Amplifier & Head Amp


    EWA Q-20-P pre-amplifier

    Small form factor, Huge performance!

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    • Information

      Do not let their size fool you, these are high end amplifiers designed by the same man who created the world's largest Single Ended Class A amplifiers. Perfect for efficient loudspeakers, A/V systems, offices shops and bedrooms, due to their tiny form factor. (179mm X 76mm X 195mm)


      Featuring inbuilt high performance MM/MC phono stage and powerful Single Ended Class A headphone amplifier, with a sophisticated linear power supply, which are the equal of most high end, standalone boxes. It's partly down to that power supply...


      The PCB tracking has been designed to shield all signals and to keep the track mass identical between the channels. This reduces timing and phase errors to nothing meaning this is a truly sophisticated pre-amplifier and headphone amplifier.


      It is especially noteworthy the astonishing performance of the Single Ended Class A headphone amplifier, inbuilt to this unit.


      Discounted IC-25 interconnects available only if ordered with this amplifier

    • Specification


      Inputs: All inputs are specified for line level output of 1 Volt into 1 K Ohm.


      Line: Standard input for line level.

      • Input sensitivity 200mV typical
      • Frequency response: 10Hz - 100KHz, plus/minus 1dB


      Moving Magnet:

      • Standard loading 50 K Ohm with loading capacitance of 100pF
      • Input sensitivity is typically 5mV - 10mV
      • Frequency response typically 20Hz - 20KHz, plus/minus 0.5dB.


      Moving Coil:

      • Standard loading 100 Ohm - 470 Ohm with loading capacitance 1000pF.
      • Input sensitivity typically 100 uV
      • Frequency response typically 20Kz - 20KHz, plus/minus 0.5dB.




      Frequency response for various loads is specified for 1 Volt.

      • Minimum load 100 Ohm:16Hz - 100KHz
      • Nominal load 10 Ohm: 5Hz - 200KHz
      • High load 100 KOhm: 5Hz - 200KHz



      • SECA bandwidth 10Hz - 40KHz, min load 65 Ohm
      • Max output voltage (no load) 15V peak
      • 1V input = Peak output 4V


      Power Requirements:


      • On (idle) = under 5W


      Regulated power supples:

      • Plus/Minus 15V for SECA headphone stage and line output
      • Plus/Minus 20V & 18V for phono stage
      • Plus 5V standby
      • Plus 12V selection relays