EWA Q-20-P Pre-Amp & Headphone Amp
  • EWA Q-20-P Pre-Amp & Headphone Amp


    Q20P phono pre amp.


    This is a truly briliant pre-amplifier at any size and price. It will amaze and delight, and of course pairs very well with the equally brilliant Q-20 power amplifier. 


    Featuring a very high quality headphone amplifier, 3.5mm socket. Captive mains lead.


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    • Specification


      Inputs: All inputs are specified for line level output of 1 Volt into 1 K Ohm.


      Line: Standard input for line level.

      • Input sensitivity 200mV typical
      • Frequency response: 10Hz - 100KHz, plus/minus 1dB


      Moving Magnet:

      • Standard loading 50 K Ohm with loading capacitance of 100pF
      • Input sensitivity is typically 5mV - 10mV
      • Frequency response typically 20Hz - 20KHz, plus/minus 0.5dB.


      Moving Coil:

      • Standard loading 100 Ohm - 470 Ohm with loading capacitance 1000pF.
      • Input sensitivity typically 100 uV
      • Frequency response typically 20Kz - 20KHz, plus/minus 0.5dB.




      Frequency response for various loads is specified for 1 Volt.

      • Minimum load 100 Ohm:16Hz - 100KHz
      • Nominal load 10 Ohm: 5Hz - 200KHz
      • High load 100 KOhm: 5Hz - 200KHz



      • SECA bandwidth 10Hz - 40KHz, min load 65 Ohm
      • Max output voltage (no load) 15V peak
      • 1V input = Peak output 4V


      Power Requirements:


      • On (idle) = under 5W


      Regulated power supples:

      • Plus/Minus 15V for SECA headphone stage and line output
      • Plus/Minus 20V & 18V for phono stage
      • Plus 5V standby
      • Plus 12V selection relays

      Build time: Approximately two-four weeks.