• M-50 Power Amplifier


    EWA M-50 Class A power amplifier.


    Voltage can be set for operation worldwide during manufacture.




    impedance is 22kΩ

    Input sensitivity for full power is 1V providing 50W into 8Ω both channels driven.


    Power rating

    50W/8Ω both channels

    100W/4Ω both channels

    170W/2Ω both channels

    DC offset < 5mV

    Noise open input < 2mV

    Peak Current > 64 Amps peak.

    Bandwidth 5Hz – 250kHz ±1dB

    Damping Factor  100 - 600

    Class A P/P up to 30KHz, then class A/B

    Sliding dynamic bias system

    Power Consumption

    Mains on standby < 1W

    Power on no signal < 40W

    Power Supply

    The aux standby power supply is used to soft start the main amplifiers power supply.

    The main PSU consists of a 350VA transformer and four large 10,000µF/50V bulk

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