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  • EWA M-50-P Pre Amplifier


    M50P pre amplifier: 


    State of the art performance with an incredibly low amount of noise and zero phase shift. Class A pre-amplifier with twin buffered outputs, featuring two class A headhone outputs (6.35mm socket). Single ended input and output only.


    M-50-P Pro: the same technology with dual differential balanced technology, featuring XLR input and output. Built into a 2U chassis with heatsink fins (to match the M-100 series); £2500.

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      M-50-P pre-amplifier:

      MC and MM plus 4 line input and a dual SECA headphone out.

      Featuring an oversized power supply with four shunt regulators to squash noise, and a post regulator to drive only the relays. Four large series regulators drive the SECA headphone amplifiers and two pre regulated shunt supplies. The main bulk capacitors are four 10,000uF to reduce ripple.


      On standby all the capacitors are still charged to about one third their normal working voltage, this reduces the inrush current and significantly increases the life time use (by up to 30%).

      Featuring a 'feed forward' error correction system driving the output. This means any variation (that isn't gain) from the input terminal to the inpu of the power amplifier, is corrected by the M-50 - P. Capable of driving RCA cables up to 20M length with no losses and absolute fidelity.

      MC: 100uV 100R InF for max output.

      MM: 1.0mV 47K Ohms at 47pF

      Line (X4): 500mV 10K Ohms

      Twin buffered outputs

      Headphone (SECA X2):

       15V 10 KOhms


      Line: 1Hz to 200MHz ± 0db

      Phono: 20Hz – 20KHz to RIAA ± 0.1db


      Power supplies can be made for most countries of the world except those on DC.


      Power consumption is about 20W - 40W under normal conditions and loads. On standby less than 1W. IEC power inlet fitted as standard.


      Build time: Approximately two - four weeks.