LS-80 Reference Loudspeaker Cables
  • LS-80 Reference Loudspeaker Cables


    LS-80 is the EWA flagship reference loudspeaker cable, the most surpassing cable concept Colin J Wonfor has created to date. Featuring at its heart twin lengths of the reference LS-40 cable in a bi-conducting configuration, it is a substantial cable that will substantially contribute towards your musical goals.


    You can expect an extraordinarily visceral musical presentation from LS-80, over and above even EWA LS-40. There is simply more music, an enormous presentation of scale and dynamic potential at every moment. The bass is immediately noteworthy for sheer scale and textural detail as well as propulsive power, yet also the agility with which it is presented.


    This exciting and addictively immersive quality is present throughout the extended and almost infinite midrange; an abundance of detail is revealed and given its own space in the expansive, deep soundstage. Tonality and timbre are just as realistic and pleasing as a front row presentation allows, this being a cable that causes you to sit up and pay attention to what is happening on the stage!


    The top and treble is extended and clear, detail defined but never etched, a notable lack of anything to jar or distract from the musical world being revealed. The superlative quality of the treble region is a testament to the extraordinary attention to detail that went into the design of LS-80, and its superb performance regarding (amongst other things) phase shifting.


    Altogether LS-80 carries the character of LS-40 to another level, not with more bass or sweeter treble; but with more. Just more. Of everything; of music, of scale, realism. It imbues a simply huge musical presentation that brings the best out of the equipment it is used with.


    As always, EWA products are hand made in the UK at the time of order. Once they are received, you have thirty days to listen and evaluate your new acquisition in the context of your own system. If you do not like it, no problem! You may return it for a full refund, minus only shipping costs. However, we are confident you will love it!


    • Construction

      EWA LS-80 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. It is a specialist cable; every part being made to our specification.


      LS-80 is effectively made of bi-conducting LS-40 cables, bound together in proximity within a braided mesh sleeve. There are a few additional tweaks at termination, but that is mostly it. This equates to one hundred and sixty eight solid cores in each cable.


      Why notsimply bi-wire LS-40? In this case the unique properties that LS-40 displays abundantly are compounded by the two wires being bound together, the mutual magnetic coupling is enhanced, and the common mode inductance falls further still. It sounds bigger, better, more realistic. The unusual electrical properties of LS-80 make them the closest thing to a direct connection between your amplifier and loudspeaker.


      Despite being a premier product, quite possibly the finest performing loudspeaker cable available anywhere, we still favour a simple, low mass termination of good quality. As standard, LS-80 is available with low mass beryllium copper items, plated with nickel then gold. These are soldered at very high temperatures, using a most unique solder. However, Furutech plugs and spades are also available, or WBT if one prefers.

    • Specification

      Measured at 3M using AIM LCR DATABRIDGE 401, at 21C.

      Capacitance: 115pF

      Single wire inductance: 20uH

      Common mode inductance: 14uH.

      Resistance: 42mR


      Core material: copper, eighty four per conductor (litz: individually insulated)

      Overall size: 30mm X 12mm.

      LS-80 does not coil due to being twinned cables in a sleeve. It must be ‘snaked’ or zig-zagged. Despite being quite bulky, it is flexible.