EWA LS-80 Reference Loudspeaker Cables

EWA LS-80 Reference Loudspeaker Cables


EWA LS-80 twins the exquisite LS-40 as a double cable run inside damped, braided sleeving. The unique and powerful inductive shielding that make LS-40 so good are compounded by close proximity to a twin cable, allowing even purer signal transfer with LS-80. EWA LS-80 has near perfect phase response at audio frequencies and far, far beyond.


The ultimate shielded, noise suppressing loudspeaker cable.


With 84 indivual conductors on each channel, current delivery is no problem at all even for the most demanding, transparent system. Phase distortion shrinks to barely 0.4 degrees at 100kHz over a three metre length.


Furutech FT211/212 G terminations available on request.


Bi-Wire options are available, please email us to arrange. Bi-Wiring adds either £40 or £80 to the total cost, depending upon your requirements and terminations.


  • All measured at 3M (1M measurements were to small to register):


    Capacitance at 3 metres = 100pF Each single conductor red or black
    Inductance on each single conductor is 3.3uH at 3 Metres
    Leakage/Common Mode inductance Less Than 0.9uH at 3 Metres
    Resonant frequency a single conductor red or black 15MHz at 3 Metres
    Total Resonant frequency in normal use i.e. 8 Ohm load is 8.76MHz at 3 Metres.
    Longer length will have more capacitance/inductance and the resonant frequency will reduce.
    The loading on the amp is very very small and at audio frequency would not be noticeable i.e. 10Hz to 25KHz
    Phase change from input to output at 100KHz was less than 1Deg.

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