LS-50 2.5M stereo set

LS-50 2.5M stereo set


EWA LS-50: Stereo set.


LS-50 is a superb former flagship product for EWA consisting of twinned runs of superb LS-25 in a woven braid. The unique conductors are joined at termination (up to forty two in each leg, or eighty four per stereo meter) resulting in awe-inspiring bass and masses of detail.


Specialist dielectrics work in tandem, their properties coupling to produce a superb common mode choke effect and a cable that is almost impervious to noise. LS-50 exhibits practically no phase shift at anything near audio frequencies. Fitted as standard with high quality gold plated beryllium copper Z-plugs or spades.


Furutech termination available on request (FP 200 / 203 G or FT 211 / 212 G).


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