United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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  • LS-25 Loudspeaker cables


    EWA LS-25 Loudspeaker Cables stereo set **New for 2019**   


    LS-25 is Colin Wonfor’s ultimate cable design to date. It uses the same materials as the other LS cables, though in different quantities and geometry. Colin (and we at ABCaudio) believes LS-25 to be amongst the finest loudspeaker cables available anywhere, at any price.


    LS-25 is an expensive cable for sure, yet much less costly than any other true high performance cable. Most listeners will find LS-25 to be their final destination loudspeaker cable due to its enormous capability. It blends and marries the presentation of amplifiers and loudspeakers without permitting any external interference. No common mode noise, ringing, nor phase distortion; the closest thing to a direct connection between the loudspeaker drivers and amplifier, allowing them to function as one.


    LS-25 is intended only for use in well balanced audio systems, and should not be utilized in an attempt to 'tune' the sound of a system. It is a neutral cable, utterly transparent, therefore unsuited to masking certain sonic attributes, or projecting others. You should be happy with the balance of your system before using LS-25, it is a reference product and will project much more of what you already have into your listening space.


    A listener can expect a lowered noise floor, wider and deeper sound-staging, and a timbral vivacity that should take the breath away. Note the lightning fast bass with a real leading edge, rendered with accuracy and scale. The mid-range is similarly huge, lush and detail laden, and the treble extended and powerful. This seamless range presents itself in the largest of stereo images, where every sound hangs in its correct shape at its own point in space. This soundstage remains solid and deep at all volume levels, while dynamics truly are capable of causing alarm!


    LS-25 can seem a bit much at first, which is partly why we allow a 30 day peroiod to get used to it. It will accentuate all the existing properties of your system, whether good or bad. Some systems will shine with LS-25, but it won’t suit those which are not already exemplary, by drawing attention to these unrefined areas.

    • EWA LS-25 Specification

      All measurements per 1 metre of Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-25:


      • Capacitance 19pf/M
      • Common mode inductance 16uH/M
      • Single conductor inductance 6uH/M
      • Single conductor resistance less than 29mΩ/M
      • Balance inductance (the effect on the Amp) 1.3uH/M
      • Open Circuit Resonance 32MHz into no load Frequency Response DC to 1MHz into 8Ω
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