LS-25 3.5 metre stereo set
  • LS-25 3.5 metre stereo set


    EWA LS-25 Loudspeaker Cables stereo set. 


    Available with standard termination (gold on Berrylium copper, low mass), or Furutech FP-200/203 G.


    Although LS-25 and LS-40 cannot be bi-wired, LS-40 jump links are available at 33% discount when purchased with LS-25 or 40.



    • EWA LS-25 Specification

      All measurements per 1 metre of Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-25:


      • Capacitance 19pf/M
      • Common mode inductance 16uH/M
      • Single conductor inductance 6uH/M
      • Single conductor resistance less than 29mΩ/M
      • Balance inductance (the effect on the Amp) 1.3uH/M
      • Open Circuit Resonance 32MHz into no load Frequency Response DC to 1MHz into 8Ω
    • Specification

      LS-25 measured at 1M:

      L (inductance): 1.1 µH

      C (capacitance): 19.5pF

      R (resistance): 37mR 

      Common mode inductance: 0.5 µH



      4mm BFA style Z-plugs pr spade connectors:  Berrylium copper with gold plate finish as standard.

      Furutech option available.