EWA IC-25 Interconnect
  • EWA IC-25 Interconnect


    EWA IC-25 interconnect cables, milestone design. A further enhancement of Colin Wonfor's extensive achievements with signal cabling, EWA IC-25 is a state-of-the-art connection. Using the very finest conductors and the most advanced bespoke insulation materials, this complex co-axial cable is designed not only to preserve your signal integrity, but it robustly resists electrical and RFI noise due to a proprietary inbuilt common mode choke.


    Tested in an extremely 'noisy' electrical environment against a market leading competitor (costing 500% more!), EWA IC-25 interconnect was measured at over -30dB quieter than the other cable. This comparison indicates that the common mode noise rejection of EWA cables is something special and significant.


    IC-25 ushers every last detail of your music in its delicate line level state, stripping out common mode electrical noise and robustly resisting RFI. With such a low noise floor, musical cues, details, and tonality are revealed in stark clarity and presented for you to enjoy. This is what a cable designed to exhibit practically no audible phase distortion and imbued with great shielding sounds like: more music.


    As always, EWA products are hand made in the UK at the time of order. Once they are received, you have thirty days to listen and evaluate your new acquisition in the context of your own system. If you do not like it, no problem! You may return it for a full refund, minus only shipping costs. However, we are confident you will love it!

    • Specification

      EWA IC-25 analogue interconnect (measured at one meter):


      L (signal inductance): 1.3µH

      L (return inductance): 1.5µH

      Capacitance: 3.8pF

      R (signal Resistance): 2.1mΩ

      R (ground Resistance): 2.1mΩ



      OEM RCA plugs, solder termination. Purified anaerobic copper base with high quality gold plate.

      OEM XLR plugs with carbon fiber effect grips: Anaerobic copper base, high quality gold plate finish, low mass design.