EWA WB Power Amplifier

EWA WB Power Amplifier


Colin Wonfor's ultimate amplifier to date: The WB amplifier is the finest precision audio amplifier ever concieved, with over 40W RMS of glorious class A at the ouput backed by a relentless, unstoppable power supply all the way to 1280W output into 0.5Ohm.


Approximately as powerful as a solar system. 

  • Bridged/Dual differential, Dual Mono amplifiers (essentially monoblocks in a stereo chassis).

    Input: 10KΩ

    Power Output:

    • 80W/8Ω

    • 160W/4Ω

    • 320W/2Ω

    • 640W/1Ω

    • 1280W/0.5Ω

    • ...and probably more.

    In excess of 40W class A at the output.

    Unique dynamic bias system (responds to amplitude and frequency).

    Bandwidth: >400KHz.

    Output impedence / DF: Between 2000 and 10,000 (dynamic).

    1W standby / 60W powered, no signal.

    430 x 240 x 360mm. 45 Kg.

    DC offset is less than 0.2mV.


    Power supplies can be made for most countries of the world except those on DC. 

    5u sized case, stereo. Monoblocks 5u case X2 - both with heatsinks on one side only. There is no performance advantage to the monoblock format for the WB.


    BUILD TIME: Approximately 4-6 weeks.