EWA Starting Point Interconnect
  • EWA Starting Point Interconnect


    EWA Starting Point Interconnect (85CM):


    Available as a single ended (RCA) interconnect only, this excellent audio cable has simply superb performance by any measure.


    Featuring a truly lovely presentation of midrange detail with an admirably stable soundstage, and wonderfully delicate detail retrieval. Top end is sweet and clear, not strident but notably defined and bell like in clarity. Bass is remarkable, with true texture and impact; very fast. An interconnect with excellent, well defined dynamics.


    EWA starting point interconnects are remarkably good at resolving complex musical passages with busy, layered tonality and multiple motifs, with a very pleasing and accurate timbre. They are equally lovely conveying less complex pieces, where the textural detail and acoustic spaces between the performers become a primary focus. In all cases, starting point places the emphasis squarely upon the music, the performer, laying bare their feelings and intentions.


    Featuring a twin shield consisting of conductive thermoplastic and an extemely tightly lapped copper shield, the cable effectively resists electrical losses and microphony. The shielding is exremely well specified, being a very pure, oxygen free copper. The conductor features the self same multi-stranded material, with the addition of a five percent mix of ultra pure silver.


    As always, EWA products are hand made in the UK at the time of order. Once they are received, you have thirty days to listen and evaluate your new acquisition in the context of your own system. If you do not like it, no problem! You may return it for a full refund, minus only shipping costs. However, we are confident you will love it!

    • Specification

      EWA Starting Point analogue interconnect (measured per metre):


      L (inductance) signal: 1.0 µH

      L (inductance) ground: 1.3 µH

      C: (capacitance): 100 pF

      R (resistance) signal: 2.5mΩ

      R (resistance) ground: 5mΩ



      Neutrik Rean gold plated RCA plugs.

      Over 5000 mating cycles (5 - 20N mating force)

      Contact resistance: ≤10mΩ

      Insulation resistance: ≥2,000MΩ

      Dielectric strength: 50Hz 0.5KVdc

      7.3mm dia.


      Other features:

      Electrical  damping mechanism tuned to the resonant (ringing) frequency of the cable (something all cables inherently have, although well above the hearing range), with the result that  deleterious harmonics from that resonance are suppressed effectively.