• Oberon


    Class A integrated amplifier, operating deep in class A.

    Built as standard for UK voltage, can be built to operate elsewhere. Please specify when ordering. 


    Inputs:  All inputs are specified for a line‐level output of 1 volt into a 10kΩ load.

    Input senstivity 200mV typical. 

    Bandwidth/Frequency 0.5Hz – 300kHz ± 0.1dB. 

    Outputs 1 & 2: The frequency response is specified for 1 volt output, both channels driven. 

    • Minimum load 100Ω 16Hz – 200kHz. 
    • Nominal load 10KΩ 0.5Hz – 200kHz. 
    • High level load 100KΩ 0.5Hz – 200kHz. 


    Twin Headphone Outputs (SECA): 


    • Frequency Response 10Hz – 50kHz into 65Ω load. 
    • Maximum output voltage with no load is 15V Peak. 
    • 1 volt input level gives a peak output of 4V. 


    Power Requirements: 

    Idle Power 60W.

    Power Output:

    25W into 8Ohms, 50W into 4Ohms.

    Bandwidth >300 KHz

    Damping Factor >120

    Power Supply Section:

    Resonant power supply capable of almost limitless instantantaeous power delivery


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