EWA MCS-5 Reference Mains Power
  • EWA MCS-5 Reference Mains Power


    EWA MCS-5 reference mains power cable. Available with gold or silver plated MS-HD mains plugs as standard.


    This EWA mains cable is a high speed, high current, high achieving design from Colin J Wonfor. Featuring a double shield system which resolutely suppresses both EM interference and RFI to very low levels indeed, MCS-5 is a true reference mains product.


    • Specification

      EWA MCS 5 mains power cable (measured at one meter):

      Live inductance: 1.2µH

      Neutral inductance: 1.2µH

      Earth inductance: 1.1µH

      E-N Capacitance: 200pF

      E-L Capacitance: 200pF

      N-L Capacitance: 100pF

      Live resistance: 0.1mΩ

      Neutral resistance: 0.1mΩ

      Earth resistance: 2.3 mΩ


      Frequency response: -6dB @ 10MHz

      Single pulse resonance:  1V at 1A: <10 nsecs


      Termination by MS-HD mains products, featuring:


      ● Especially designed for large-diameter power cords

      ● British BS-1363 safety certification

      ● Patented product (Patent No. HK1111565)

      ● All pins, conductive parts and wire core fastening screws are plated with 3.0µm 24K gold.

      ● All conductive parts (under the plating)are made of selected highest-quality purified copper.

      ● Maximum installed cable diameter: 16mm.

      ● The wire core tightening screw is equipped with a protector, so that the wire core is not easy to be broken or damaged, designed to enhance conductive performance.

      ● The fuse clip is made of high-strength phosphor copper sheet, electroplated with 3.0µm 24K gold.

      ● 13A pure silver core fuse as standard

      ● Shell: high-grade Nylon, highly insulated, durable and hard wearing.


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