United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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  • EWA MCS-5 Shielded Mains Power


    EWA MCS-5 mains power cable. 



    • EWA MC-5: More Information

      Building on the acclaimed MC-5 power cable as its foundation, we introduce the EWA MCS-5 from Elsdon & Wonfor Audio.


      At it's heart, EWA MC-5 Mains cable is already a high speed, high current cable. It resists RFI and actually suppresses common mode noise. Add shielding to this cable and you get MCS-5, a cable which can actually repel RF noise while cancelling existing interefence even more effectively.

      MCS-5 is based on MC-5, which is already a fairly heavy cable. Add the shielding, an outer nylon braid and the heavy duty plugs, and get a substantial and hefty cable, but one which is still quite flexible.

      Elsdon Wonfor Audio MCS-5 is available with UK 13A mains plug and IEC plug. These plugs are by MS-HD and couple extremely high quality with great value for money.

      We also carry stock of U.S plugs and Euro Schuko plugs to the same specification.

    • EWA MCS-5 specification

      Inductance: Live

      20 uH
      Neutral 20 uH
      Earth 20 uH
      Leakage Inductance Live -> Neutral 1.6 uH
      Capacitance: E -> L 100 pF
      E -> N 100 pF
      L -> N 100 pF
      Frequency response -6dB @ 10MHz
      Single pulse resonance 1V at 1A: <10 nsecs