United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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  • EWA MC-5: ex demo


    EWA MC-5 mains power cable, ex-demo. I cable only, 1.75M with basic silver plated Euro plug & IEC plug.


    Colin Wonfor has been an audio designer and specialist for decades, and a power supply expert for even longer. His experience gives him a unique ability to design extraordinary items which can confound expectation, and ultimately, open up musical worlds.


    The MC-5 is a power cable for those that feel a power cable cannot make a real difference. Designed principly with amplification in mind (but suitable for all audio), it features some material properties not found in audio before, or likely anywhere else... in the MC-5 Colin was able to design and build his ultimate power cable to date. The results should speak for themselves.


    Feel free to take the MC-5 challenge: Try it, then love it. If you decide you really cannot see the benefit at all - simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund. We are betting you won't though!

    • EWA MC-5 specification

      Inductance: Live

      20 uH
      Neutral 20 uH
      Earth 20 uH
      Leakage Inductance Live -> Neutral 1.6 uH
      Capacitance: E -> L 100 pF
      E -> N 100 pF
      L -> N 100 pF
      Frequency response -6dB @ 10MHz
      Single pulse resonance 1V at 1A: <10 nsecs


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