• M-100 Turbo Power Amplifier


    EWA M-100 Turbo power amplifier.

    Voltage can be set for operation worldwide during manufacture.

    M-100 Turbo is fully dual mono, and bridged/balanced output.


    impedance is 22kΩ

    Input sensitivity for full power is 1V providing 100W into 8Ω both channels driven.


    Power rating

    160W/8Ω both channels

    320W/4Ω both channels

    640W/2Ω both channels

    1280W/1Ω both channels

    2560W/0.5Ω both channels

    ..and so on

    DC offset < 2mV

    Noise open input < 1mV

    Peak Current in excess 64 Amps peak.

    Bandwidth .5Hz – 400kHz ±0.5dB

    Damping Factor  >2000

    Class A P/P permanently

    Power Consumption

    Mains on standby < 1W

    Power on no signal < 60W

    Power Supply

    The aux standby power supply is used to soft start the main amplifiers power supply.

    The main PSU consists of internal balanced mains supply.

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