EWA M-100 Power Amplifier
  • EWA M-100 Power Amplifier


    EWA M-100 power amplifier, heavily biased to class A operation and with seemingly limitless power reserves. Based on SECA heritage and sound. Perfect timbre and phase response. Makes other amplifiers cry.

    • M-100

      M100 power amplifier:


      The M-100 is based on the M-50 and even the Q20, featuring 8 pair (16 total) output devices per channel following the massive power devices. The large Bulk set of capacitors (four) are rated at 33,000uF,  two audio grade power transformers are 350VA each (fully dual mono).



      Bridged/Dual differential, Dual Mono


      Input: 10KΩ

      Full power: 1V = 100W into 8Ω


      Power Output:

      • 100W/8Ω

      • 200W/4Ω

      • 400W/2Ω

      Over 25W class A.


      Unique dynamic bias system


      Bandwidth: >200KHz


      DF: >1000 (dynamic)


      1W standby / 60W powered, no signal.

      430 x 240 x 360mm. 35 Kg.


      DC OFF SET is less than 1mV


      The output stage is run in A/B and has a SECA drive stage. Eight complementary pairs of transistors rated at 25A 125W, driven by 15W 140MHz transistors. The SECA driver is running at 3W. Extremely fast RF transistors are used to increase stability in the amp under non- normal loads i.e. no resistive a speaker with a wicked load line character. 


      Power supplies can be made for most countries of the world except those on DC.


      IEC power inlet fitted as standard.


      BUILD TIME: Approximately six weeks.