EWA IC-40 Interconnect

EWA IC-40 Interconnect


EWA IC-40 interconnect, fitted with WBT nextgen RCA plugs as standard.


Also available with our standard OEM XLR plug or a Furutech FP-601/602 G option.


Based upon the excellent IC-25 body, IC-40 features truly superb conductors that are far in excess to what is required for a high performance audio cable. The reason such benefits can be heard? The extraordinary triple shielding arrangement unique to IC-40.


The triple shields, hugley effective both toward RFI and EMC interference, provide an extraordinary quiet and well protected environment for line signals. Signal loss is truly minimal, and no interference gets through.


This allows the utterly overspecified conductors to really show what they are capable of, thus a cable with massively fast impulse rise time - hugely in excess of what is needed - will pick out and fully reveal eveything hidden in the analogue waveform within it's full context. The cable itself is so fast it is beneficial to electrically damp it, preventing the cable from ringing, from any overshoot on the signal, and effectively squashing all potential harmonics that this might cause. This will result in bass realism that defies expectaion.


This allows the extraordinary benefits of a cable with practically no phase distortion to be fully heard and explored for the first time, and those benefits are truly wonderful.


IC-40 RCA / XLR will be available in July/Aug 2021. Photos to follow.