EWA IC-40 Interconnect
  • EWA IC-40 Interconnect


    EWA IC-40 interconnects, an exemplary design that changes what we should expect from interconnect cables. Based on the success of the remarkable EWA IC-25, our first interconnect cable that effectively preserve phase integrity while supressing EM noise and RFI, EWA IC-40 takes the lessons learned and applied over a long period of research and testing. We hope the end result is relatively affordable (in audio terms), while being one of the highest performance interconnects available today.


    EWA IC-40 benefits from truly superb conductors that are exceedingly highly specified for a high-performance audio cable. The reason such benefits can be heard? An extraordinary triple shielding arrangement unique to IC-40. These triple shields, hugely effective both toward RFI and EM interference, provide an extraordinarily quiet and well protected environment for delicate line signals. Signal loss and interference is effectively mitigated and quite minimal.


    These design features allow the extraordinary benefits of a cable with practically no phase distortion to be fully heard and explored for the first time, and those benefits are truly wonderful. The utterly over specified conductors really show what they are capable of in a cable with extremely fast impulse rise time (hugely in excess of what is needed), which picks out and fully reveals every musical gem hidden in the analogue waveform. EWA IC-40 has exemplary phase performance which results in bass realism that defies expectation and an overall scale within which an entire performance is realistically conveyed.


    As always, EWA products are hand made in the UK at the time of order. Once they are received, you have thirty days to listen and evaluate your new acquisition in the context of your own system. If you do not like it, no problem! You may return it for a full refund, minus only shipping costs. However, we are confident you will love it!