EWA IC-40 Digital

EWA IC-40 Digital


EWA IC-40 digital co-axial cable: RCA digital co-axial cable ideally suited for S/PDIF (Sony / Philips Digital Interface) connections.


Based upon an IC-25 body with truly superb internal conductors, the IC-40 is now a triple shielded coaxial cable with both RFI and EMC protection. IC-40 digital is a very high speed cable with a uniquely fast rise-time to perfectly transmit every leading edge of the digital bitstream. 


The cable is carefully damped electrically using a bespoke solution to prevent overshoot and ringing, the effects of which are which are particularly problematic for digital cables (and which is very undesirable as we are dealing with square waves). This has the added benefit of suppressing harmonics on the cable. In addition, the active circuitry built in makes the basic cable even faster, resulting in near perfect digital transfer without the need for error correction at the destination.


Shipping in November/December 2021.  Photos to be added.