EWA IC-25 USB Interconnect
  • EWA IC-25 USB Interconnect


    EWA IC-25 USB interconnect cable, featuring combined electromagnetic shielding and a silver RFI screen. At the core of IC-25 are specialized and extremely high-quality conductors that have been thoughtfully specified for this series. The benefits of the EWA cable system are now available for your digital source!


    A complex coaxial design, the IC-25 is a double shielded cable with both RFI and EM protection. IC-25 digital is an extremely high-speed cable with a very fast rise-time to perfectly transmit every leading edge of the digital bitstream.


    The superb silver conductors, extensive shielding, and ultra-fast impulse response of this cable make it a wonderful choice for a digital connection, complete overkill in fact! We are confident you will enjoy discovering the hidden depths of your recordings with this cable and enjoy the benefits of a digital interconnect that introduces almost no phase distortion.


    As always, EWA products are hand made in the UK at the time of order. Once they are received, you have thirty days to listen and evaluate your new acquisition in the context of your own system. If you do not like it, no problem! You may return it for a full refund, minus only shipping costs. However, we are confident you will love it!