EWA Claymore

EWA Claymore


EWA Claymore integrated amplifier. Based on the same principles and basic concepts as the beloved Inca Tech Claymore but with a much improved design, retaining that distictive sound. Capable of giving you a big, warm hug or blowing your brains out on some rock or Beethoven, as the original did. Colin Wonfor's most famous design. Fifty Watts RMS + of power and control. Claymore as you hear it today is what the original would have sounded like, if the components had existed forty years ago. Available with voltage set for your location. This amplifier is now equipped with an IEC inlet, and longer has the word 'retro' as part of its' name.


A class headphone amplifier, 3.5mm socket. IEC power inlet.


Build time: approximately two - four weeks.

  • Claymore:

    Gain 22V

    Output Power:

    • 50W/8

    • 100W/4


    10Hz to 100KHz ± 1db

    Headphone power:

    6V into 64Ω, 0.5W max.


    20Hz – 20KHz to RIAA ± 0.5db

    DF: >100 (dynamic)

    Power: Idle <1W, full power 20W, 280W peaks.


    IEC power inlet.


    Build time: approximately two - four weeks.

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