• Claymore


    EWA Claymore integrated amplifier.



    Built to UK voltage as standard. Can be set to operate elsewhere at manufacture.



    Inputs set for 50W output into 8Ohm, 100 W into 4Ohm and 180W into 2Ohm.

    Moving Coil

    Standard loading 100Ω - 470Ω with a loading capacitance 1000pF

    Input sensitivity is typically 360µV

    Bandwidth/Frequency Response 5Hz – 100kHz ± 0.5dB

    Moving Magnet

    Standard loading 47kΩ with a loading capacitance 100pF

    Input sensitivity is typically 7.2mV

    Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz ± 0.5dB

    Aux Input

     Standard input for a line level device.

    Input sensitivity 700mV typical.

    Frequency Response 10Hz – 100kHz ± 3dB



     Output level 1V for full power into 1kΩ – 100kΩ load

    Frequency Response 5Hz – 100kHz ± 1dB 


    Headphone Out

     6V into 64Ω headphones 0.5W max

    Power Output
     50W/ch into 8Ω and 100W/ch into 4Ω.

    Damping factor 70.

    Power Requirements


    20W maximum on no load.


    180W peak on 8Ω


    The Power Supplies

    A mixture of shunt for low noise and series regulator are used.

    The series regulator is only used to power the relays.

    The main pre and phono stages use a series/shunt regulator design.

    The power amps use large value bulk capacitors of 10,000µF/50V in
    conjunction with a 300VA transformer. 

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