MC-5 Mains Power

MCS-5 Shielded Mains Power

Colin Wonfor designed the EWA cable system from scratch. That means this mains cable has actually been designed and specified by EWA, and then built by our manufacturers - making MC-5 based cables truly unique products. 

EWA MC-5 Mains cable is a high performance, high current cable. As part of the EWA cable system it both suppresses and does not radiate RFI. It also neutralises common mode noise. Featuring various specialist dielectrics and insulators, some of which are uniquely made for EWA to address specific design goals.


MC-5 is capable of huge current delivery very, very quickly, thus lending itself to massive dynamic swings. It is able to to feed the most power hungry amplifier, or the most fussy phono stage. With EM shielding actually designed into the cable, it actually helps suppress common mode noise; MC-5 is a most effective mains cable.

Standard plugs are silver plated MK or schuko, with silver plated IEC connector. Upgrade to the high end MS-HD option for the ultimate in quality. Generally the MS-HD are available gold plated.


EWA MCS-5 is the ultimate development of MC-5. Designed by Colin Wonfor to build on the noise cancelling abilities of his MC-5 mains cable.​

Featuring high end gold plated plugs from MS-HD as standard, woven EM screen, black outer braiding and new termination methods. At it's core, MC-5 is high speed, high current cable with unique properties and measures accordingly. The addition of the shielding rejects EM & RFI so that the noise cancelling properties of MC-5 then come to the fore. 

MCS-5 is a no compromise cable and is therefore an effective mains filter for AC powered devices. We believe no other cable available today functions quite like MCS-5, and that this mains cable is the highest performance audio power cable available anywhere.

Building on the already effective MC-5, and adding (amongst other things) a floating EM screen, MCS-5 becomes a a power cable capable of actually reducing RF and EM noise. Common mode noise is reduced to minimal levels by this cleverly designed, unique power cable. This allows subtleties and low level details to come to the fore. 


It can be very hard to guess how a cable will perform in your audio system. It's all about interface, and every situation, room and listener is different. That is why ABCaudio allow thirty days to assess each cable purchase at home. If it doesn't work for you, just return it to us in original condition for a refund. All you will pay are postage costs.

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