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Shiny new things!

I have shiny new things for test, and what things they are!

The world's foremost expert on class A audio amplification (and designer of the largest such amplifiers in the world) - Colin Wonfor has designed two of his best sounding designs to date:

First, the new EWA Oberon is being tweaked before it's first production run. What a performer this is turning out to be! Perhaps it will be my favourite of all EWA amplifiers, combining the most magical qualities of SECA performance with enough heft to 'drive the room' even at lower volumes. There is something really nice about a simple integrated amplifier as well.

Also here is the Mighty M-100 turbo (I had a straight M-100 a while ago). A mighty machine capable of terrifying a listener by bringing true to scale musical events into your living room, but doing it so cleanly that you have no idea you're actually listening at very high volume! This is the ultimate EWA amplifier for sure, just truly extraordinary insight into music.

Look for further details and pictures in ABCaudio soon, and some detailed specifications as they are finalised.

Pictured: The Oberon (which is also a functional M-50-P pre amplifier, atop the M-100 Turbo.

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