New amplifiers and cable stock

In the next few weeks, EWA will ship the very first customer M-100 WB amplifiers, to mainland Europe. Yes, we are still shipping to Europe... These formidable amplifiers are in the final stage of the build process and will then be thoroughly stress tested before dispatch. Then, they will also stress test the shipping agent, due to their weight!

Also, a version of the Sibelius amplifier (a class A version of the M-50) is nearing completion. We are using beefy cases with considerable heat-sink capability for this rather special amplifier. We anticipate in excess of thirty Watts class A output, with up to fifty Watts delivered to an eight ohm load. This delivery doubles into tougher and tougher loads, until it reaches two ohms. It's quite a beast, but much more reasonable in size.

Cables: our final stage manufacturers are a little surprised at how much work they are doing for us lately - a huge thanks to all who have supported EWA & ABCaudio. These incredible cable designs are gaining a reputation for delivering the sonic goods!

The last time we ordered finished raw cable, it was the largest amount we had yet ordered. It lasted barely four months... So now we order again! We had thought for a moment that Brexit and CV-19 world stop cables and amplifier sales, but we remain pleasingly busy.

New stock of IC-25 interconnect cable, more MCS-2.5 and more LS-25 & 40 (which also form the basis of LS-50 & 80) are all ordered for delivery soon.

Watch out for them!

Finally, I'd like to shout out to our friends at Pearl Acoustics, in particular Harley Lovegrove. This company take a great deal of pride in what they do, look out for their YouTube videos!