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WB power amplifier

Here are pictures snapped today by the paparazzi, of the rare and elusive EWA WB power amplifier boards. This will be the first of two sets built for production this December.

Note the similarities to the M-100 turbo sense design:

  • sixteen precision matched high current output devices per channel

  • dual differential balanced operation

  • feed-forward 'sense' error correction

Differences include the PCB being physically larger, built for higher current. Also note the 300,000 UF bulk capacitance in the power supply. This amplifier is rated at a nominal 80W RMS per channel. This power output doubles as the loudspeaker impedance halves and keeps doing so, down to half an ohm. This, as well as the world class bandwidth and speed of the amplifier (and a fifteen W SECA driver stage) results in a machine that will exert perfect control over the loudspeaker, imparting glorious class sound applied with a massive damping factor.

EWA: AWE Inspiring audio.

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