A good day of prototyping, new look and feel...

Oh yes, we finally got a Wonfor-designed USB cable. This is the first one since TQ black diamond, that's nearly ten years now...

The last effort was an amazing cable, I had it for here several months a few years ago. It incorporated an active circuit and sounded excellent... This new cable surpasses that design in every lab measurement Colin has performed. We hope to get some proper measured specifications to publish within a couple of months.

There may be a few tweaks to make yet, but there are two pre-production prototypes (as pictured) at just over 50CM available, they will go on the webstore soon. EWA USB cable production will begin when we receive a batch of manufactured cable in September.

Also today, we smartened up the LS-25 jump-links and photographed them for the shop, we think they look much better!

And the eagle eyed will have noticed the website at ABCaudio got something of a refresh this week, with a new, fresher logo. Much simpler all around, and we are trying hard to make the website more responsive - especially to those who browse on tablets. Let us know if you have any feedback!

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