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LS-40 & Plugs

Here is a sample set of plugs and terminations which we hope to add to EWA cables in September. The design is simple, uncluttered and features the highest quality materials. These terminations have been specially made for us by a hugely experienced manufacturer and will feature gold and rhodium plating onto the very best purified copper, as well as gorgeous, tactile handling surfaces. The first set of samples was of very, very high quality and an absolute delight to work with.

Also coming in September is new branded EWA heatshrink which will appear on every EWA cable, giving a new look and, we hope, more of a premium finish. Something more in keeping with the high performance nature of the cables. Once everything is in place we can photograph the newly refreshed products and start dispatching the LS-40 loudspeaker cable.

A perk of building the cables means that I have been running a basic set if LS-40 in my own system for a few weeks now (EWA M-100 Turbo Sense amplifier and Revel Performa 3 F-208 loudspeakers) - and I can state unequivocally that it sounds utterly fantastic! It really has surpassed my (rather high) expectations. I can detect no significant loss of bass energy over LS-50, but that extraordinary timbre, lightning speed of bass and panoramic, and solid image remains. It really does makes your amplifier sound half as powerful again!

In the coming months ABCaudio hope to photograph the new SECA class A amplifier, introduce several USB cable options (USB-B and USB-C) and a new MCS-2.5 shielded power cable that incorporates a very high degree of inductive shielding into its design - intended for sources (phono, server, DAC, pre-amplifier) and class A/B amplifiers up to 100W RMS power. For heavier current amplifiers there remains the mighty MCS-5, one of the most extraordinary power cables ever designed.

We will keep you up to date!

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