Loudspeaker cables shipping

With more to follow!

EWA LS Loudspeaker cables are shipping this week (and next). LS-40 is shown above.

Due to the excitement surrounding EWA designs, and the delay in order to finalize the cosmetic refresh, we have accumulated a substantial build list. The good news is we will clear this list in the next two weeks - we are shipping products every day.

We are working steadily and safely, in isolation, as guided by public health authorities. All completed products are cleaned with medical grade alcohol before shipping.

We now have accepted delivery of several other raw cables from our manufacturer - this means we will also ship EWA IC-25, EWA USB and EWA MCS-2.5 power cables, starting next week. As we go, new product photos will be added to the ABCaudio Webshop.

We thank you for your patience, and for sharing in our excitement!

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CV-19: ABCaudio & EWA continue to fulfil orders throughout CV-19 restrictions. We are taking our time to work hygienically and safely.

All products are carefully cleaned with medical alcohol before packing and shipment. 

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