IC-25 Interconnects

Here it is! The new, Elsdon & Wonfor Audio IC-25 Interconnect cable.

Available with RCA termination (either low mass plugs, pictured; or heavily engineered silver plated CHK plugs), or with XLR balanced termination.

Featuring exceptional design cues, from a new choice of conductor to lightweight, low mass RCA plugs, from a unique insulation material only used by EWA to a beautiful silver braided screen; IC-25 is a complex construction utilising only the finest materials today. No other cable can match the the IC-25.

The new conductors have been selected for elevated performance even over the previous version of IC-25, although we are getting into theoretical 'upgrades' here; the first IC-25 was a stunning cable in it's own right.

The new interconnect benefits from unique insulation and shielding found only in EWA products. As a whole, the cable is designed to resist noise (electrical and radio frequency), and to suppress such noise already present in the signal. Thus EWA cables are actually 'noise cancelling' to a degree. They also benefit from Colin Wonfor's previous research into non linear phase shifting in cables, and how to suppress this.

In all, EWA IC-25 is quite unique among audio cables. Nothing else available today really comes close. What does it sound like?

Nothing at all. The closest thing to a direct connection between your devices.