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Class A development

EWA class A
EWA class A development, top view

It's a treat to be road testing this new amplifier expression by CJ Wonfor. It's based very much on the M-50 amplifier but with with discrete L&R circuit boards thus enabling fully dual mono, dual differential operation.

This allows not only for balanced operation, but the operating voltage across the circuit to be cut and the current increased. This results is an amplifier that runs deeper into class A, with a stiffer power supply.

This particular amplifier is cased in a ragged project case that lacks real heatsinks, so it's performance is somewhat limited. Even so, it's producing 35W RMS, about eighteen of which is class A.

Due to its high current design, it's able to produce not only 35W into 8R, but 70 into 4R, 140 into 2R, and 275 into 1R. That's a result!

How does it sound? Really, really lovely. Just like the M-50, but with even more of that class A drive and control. The production models will be set at around 50W RMS both channels driven.

This concept may yet appear on the M-50 range in 2021, but we are very excited at the notion of reintroducing a super integrated class A amplifier.

EWA class A development
EWA class A detail

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