ABCaudio website refresh, and some musical recommendations

Our web shop ( has had something of a refresh. Some users have been experiencing slow page load times, so we took the decision to simplify our layout and colours, as well as stripping out some animations. In spite of a few reservations that the site would appear bland, we are pleased with the overall effect - and we hope you like it too!

We have also added a privacy and cookie policies page (for those that enjoy reading such things!) - however we have always been pretty clear about how we use data: we will occasionally contact those who have contacted us, to offer news or updaters. If a person wishes to be 'forgotten' by ABCaudio, we will always been happy to oblige, and we never have, nor will we, share information with another party. All the information we have access to is held on a secure service provided by (who run and host our web shop services, including mailboxes) and Google (who provide the actual services in the WIX package), and is not downloaded to local computers or devices.

On the subject of news, there is still little information on the availability of LS-25. EWA are currently unable to fund the production of this extraordinary cable, although ABCaudio now have permission to do so ourselves. However, we cannot yet fund it either. We are looking into ways of making this happen in the future - look out for one of those GDPR compliant emails! In the meantime, EWA LS-20 is proving very popular, and is a reference quality cable in it's own right!

As this was somewhat a boring blog entry, here is something for you to enjoy: If you have tied in your smart TV to your HiFi (or not so smart TV, via a chromecast or similar), and can watch youtube with decent quality sound, may I recommend the KEXP channel to you? It is a Seattle based radio station with hundreds of nicely filmed, beautifully recorded live sessions of various bands and groups - some from the local scene and many others who have yet to make the mainstream. I have particularly enjoyed The Midnight Revolution, Bonobo, Bob Moses, Spoon, Jonathan Wilson and Olafur Arnalds recently. There is much to discover. I hope you enjoy!

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