ElsdonWonfor, feel the POWER!

The last week or so has seen the first examples of IC-25 dispatched for Naim audio systems. The EWA cable system is hard to work with, and building it into DIN/XLR cables is a real challenge, but the feedback from users has been very positive indeed. That's what it's all about!

We continue to build and ship mains power cables in surprising numbers, these are our best selling product at the moment. Another two ship out today. They make a worthy addition to any setup, whether digital or analogue, but as an amplifier mains cable they really excel. An MC-5 really feels like an amplifier upgrade, such is the increase in bass impact and the solidity of soundstage. I had always assumed a skeptical public would balk at an expensive power cable, but it looks like I was wrong!

Review samples of several cables have also made their way to the industry, perhaps we will see some wider publicity for ElsdonWonfor cables soon (LS-5 and LS-20).

A superb review of LS-25 is being released in a Polish HiFi magazine - we look forward to publishing it soon.

Colin Wonfor remains confident that the LS-25 loudspeaker cable will soon be made again, which is great to hear (considering how much interest it generates even now). I am happily using a prototype set of LS-20 at home in my own system, and it is a very fine loudspeaker cable indeed, easily seeing off my previous personal set of Tellurium Q graphite (the cable above the Ultra Black, in case it isn't made anymore).

Finally, thank you to Bill and Rebecca at Radio Paradise (a free DJ mixed internet radio station) for continuing to play the most wonderful mix of music, 24/7, for free - although support contributions are appreciated and very much deserved! As an audio and music lover, not only do they play great music, but pay a gratifying amount of attention to sound quality. I am currently enjoying a lossless FLAC stream direct to my HiFi and it is stunning. https://www.radioparadise.com/rp_2.php?#

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