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A new loudspeaker cable: EWA LS-20

ABCaudio are delighted to announce the new  EWA LS-20 , a true reference loudspeaker cable and a premium addition to the EWA cable system.

LS-20 manages to attack even the lowest bass frequencies cleanly, with a great sense of speed. It conveys a gloriously warm midrange, full of texture, tonality and detail, followed up by the most insightful, sweet treble. The imaging and soundstage is amongst the best you will ever hear.

Amazing sonic performance is just a part of the story: it's signature is closer to LS-25  in performance, while being closer to  LS-5  in cost. Although not a cheap cable, we believe LS-20 cannot be beaten by any loudspeaker cable in the world at over three times the price.

See this page for more information . We hope you will enjoy it! 

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