United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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The EWA cable system: A new, and we think revolutionary cable system, available as loudspeaker cables, Interconnects and mains power cables (with more to follow).

These cables develop and improve Colin Wonfor's previous cable designs by adding substantive improvements in the noise cancelling / rejection area.

The main design objectives for all the cables was to
remove as much common-mode noise as possible from the signal, ensure that the cable itself itself does not generate any noise / RFI, and to make the cable as immune as possible to external noise. These objectives were applied to both Signal level cables (Interconnects / Loudspeaker) and Power cables (Mains).








LS-25 is in production! With thanks to those who have pre-ordered, the first production stage is now underway.

Simply follow the updates on our blog page.

ABCaudio work directly with EWA as a direct sales web-shop. We give you, audiophile and music lover, direct access to unique products designed by Colin Wonfor, the likes of which aren't available anywhere else. This ensures EWA can continue their research and development. And occasionally eating.

We are trained to handle and terminate the EWA cable system correctly and this is our main focus. However we also promote EWA audio electronics and accessories and occasionally have manufacturer specials available. We are determined that the designer of this equipment, Colin Wonfor, receives the credit he deserves.