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Image by Anton Shuvalov

EWA MCS-5 Reference Power:
Suitable for large amplification, Class A, and power stations.
Designed by Colin J Wonfor to build on the extraordinary capabilities of the EWA cable system with it's superb inductive shielding, EWA MCS-5 is capable of instantaneous power delivery.

Featuring premium grade plugs from MS-HD or Furutech, twin shielding (RFI & EMI), and bespoke termination methods all encased within a woven outer braiding that damps vibration. At it's core, MCS-5 is super high speed, high current cable with unique properties and it measures accordingly in the lab. 
MCS-5 is particularly suitable for any noise sensitive device, but it really comes into it's own with high current amplifiers that require power fast. It is noise suppressing, has excellent impulse response and and can instantaneously deliver improbably large voltages and current on demand. No other cable available today is designed or equipped to function quite like MCS-5 and MCS-2.5 reference power cables.

The high speed nature of EWA power cables enables them - and your devices - to take advantage of the extraordinary stored capacitive power reserves in the wiring of your home and street, instantly summoning this latent power for the mightiest of dynamic swings.

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