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M-100T power amplifier

Power is everything with control.

Amplifier is not just about instant power delivery, or music power. Of critical importance is true RMS power, the ability to drive both channels continuously to full output, without stressing the components or straining the music. That true power, that genuine ability is your starting point for great power amplifiers.

The EWA M-100T amplifier produces over 150W RMS true power output into 8 Ohms, the first 30W is real class A. The amplifier pushes hard into class A for almost your complete listening envelope, pushing into A/B operation for dynamic swings and swells.

The M-100T goes on to double power output into 4 Ohms, and manages 580W into 2 Ohms. It will happily do so all day long, and you don't even want to know what the instantaneous current output is!

With over 200,000uF bulk capacitance - per channel - this amplifier has wonderful attack and bass performance. It makes full use of it's eight pairs of output transistors on both the right and left channel, taking just about everything in it's stride musically. With the smart EWA sliding bias system, which functions according to both amplitude and frequency, crossover distortion is a thing of the past.

M-100WB power amplifier

So if the M-100 Turbo S is one of the finest power amplifiers in the world, what is the WB? Good question!


It results from same extreme school of design that is responsible for the largest class A amplifiers ever built, and the power conversion on the International Space Station.

Ladies, gentlemen, and crazy audio-people, we introduce Colin Wonfor's most consummate power amplifier of his career: The EWA WB. 45W class A output, followed by a relentless flow of musical output that is best described as Rolls Royce once described their vehicle's power output: "Adequate".

This amplifier was not going to be produced due to a counter-intuitive discord: It is very expensive, but less powerful (on paper, into 8 Ohms) than the M-100 Turbo. This amplifier is meant as a statement of intent, it demonstrates what is possible in the real-world with excellent design and very high quality - yet freely available components. And it is not less powerful, it really isn't quite as simple as that... 


Based on the concept of the masterful M-100 series, the WB features much larger power transformers (twin 750va - per channel), an even more sophisticated power supply section, and many very expensive, very highly specified precision components. It produces over eighty of the finest Watts into eight ohms and is able to keep doubling power output levels as the impedance of the loudspeakers halves. It will drive half an ohm to full output all day, quite happily, outputting hundreds of amperes if called upon (fitted with 10A output fuses as standard). It also has extraordinary low output impedance.

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