Got an old Inca Tech?

Good news - Colin is still looking after his designs, four decades on!

Over twenty seven thousand Claymore amplifiers were sold, and many other models. Integrated, class A power, and even a rare FM tuner.

These precision devices are now forty or so years young, the components may be tired, caked in dust, affected by damp... plus, some crucial components are now rare and under-performing by today's standards. Colin can service, repair and even upgrade critical parts of your Inca Tech.

Prices start at £250 for the replacement of capacitors, FETs, Diodes and an Alps blue pot, this covers the work on a typical, working example and even many non-functional units. You will be stunned at the difference these upgrades make - this what the Claymore would have sounded like if today's components had been available in the eighties. However, it still won't sound as good as an EWA Claymore! Be warned - the client is responsible for packing and shipping; pack it well!

Provisionally, Colin can do similar for your Magnum amplifiers, but his designs were often corrupted and cheapened badly after he left the company and he doesn't always know what he will find. 

In all cases, please use the ABCaudio/EWA contact form below. This will put you in contact with Colin Wonfor himself via ABCaudio.

Contact EWA: Inca Tech Servicing

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CV-19: ABCaudio & EWA continue to fulfil orders throughout CV-19 restrictions. We are taking our time to work hygienically and safely.

All products are carefully cleaned with medical alcohol before packing and shipment. 

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