EWA audio Interconnects; the IC-25 is a state of the art expression of cable design and execution. Featuring extraordinary pure conductor cores in a litz arrangement, encapsulated as part of a complex coaxial design. Superb measured performance is guaranteed thanks to masterful cable geometry, unique inductive shielding of the signal conductors, bespoke materials and a beautiful silver braided shield.

IC-25 rejects and suppresses common mode noise on your precious music signal, resulting in performance more like a balanced line even when used single ended. Thanks to Colin J Wonfor's extensive experience with signal transmission, power supplies at both high power and frequencies, and his earliest qualification as a chemist, you can rightfully expect the IC-25 to be the most advanced interconnect available for audio.

EWA audio IC-25 was recently stress tested for noise rejection against a rival design costing £1980 GBP,  and IC-25 was measured having a noise floor thirty decibels lower than the 'premium' rival.

Available with RCA termination, XLR balanced termination or XLR > RCA termination.

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All products are carefully cleaned with medical alcohol before packing and shipment. 

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