EWA M-100 Power Amplifier

EWA M-100 Power Amplifier

Did you ever want an amplifier that makes all other muscle amps look a bit silly? Like toys? Then read on...

Fully dual mono, dual differential bridged power amplifier. This is two completely independent mono amplifiers with their own discrete power supplies inside one stereo chassis.

The EWA M-100 amplifier is really a listening instrument. It is especially effective at low volumes, where the soundstage just does not collapse, and the listening environment is filled with evenly distributed, accurately scaled sound with real impact and presence. The timbre is simply perfect, at every volume, and the imaging is extraordinary.

Featuring incredibly over-engineered and sophisticated dynamic power supplies, bridged SECA-based circuits, fully dual mono with eight pairs of output devices per channel. The audio circuit requires very little negative feedback and then only as DC servo control - the signal sees no feedback at all.. Featuring RCA and balanced XLR input.

The M-100 and the similar M-100 Turbo both produce class A for a good part of their total output and as such, present extraordinary insight into music and the space it occupies. Dynamics as presented by an M-100 can be startling and visceral whilst at the same time completely effortless. It is often the case that listeners finds themselves enjoying music at much higher volume levels than they think, such is the clean power delivery and genuine level of dynamic realism on offer here.


The power available means music is utterly huge in scale, and transient events will shock without incurring the slightest hint of listener fatigue. This power, while extreme for sure, translates into clean and believable music at any volume. This amplifier just won't stop. IEC power inlet fitted as standard.

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