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A pictorial record of reviews and images, documenting Colin Wonfor's time at Inca Tech - home of the original Claymore amplifier, and gold plated mains plugs.

​Colin established Inca Tech in Essex, which became a thriving and prosperous company for many years. It started by being the world leaders in gold plated mains plugs and matching sockets - these sold in great quantities (for a time Colin drove an old Rolls Royce, which he had gold plated. Well, it was Essex...)

Later, the company sold the Claymore, one of the most famous integrated amplifiers ever built. These sold in the thousands every month - people were thrilled with the sheer power and musicality of this mosfet based amplifier. They were built so well that a great many remain in use today. Colin is actively servicing and upgrading Claymores, including using modern, superior output devices, so your Claymore will sound better than new!

The Inca Tech, and later ID (Inca Designs) range included a great many amplifiers from integrated to large class A, and interestingly, an FM tuner which may be one of the best ever built. If you find one, Colin will tell you why...

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